Shabby Chic Wall Clock

Electrique Brille Pendulum Wall Clocks Are Back In Store

One of our customer favourites is back in stock, the Electrique Brille pendulum wall clock is now available in the Telford Shopping Centre store. One of our most popular styles to date that we’ve carried and now available in two colours, distressed white or gold and cream.

Shabby chic wall clocks create stunning focal points and conversation pieces in your home and look amazing in the kitchen, on a fireplace wall or in entrance ways and hallways. Perfect for contemporary style rooms and vintage shabby chic through and through probably is the reason why this style is so poplar in store. For other vintage and shabby chic clocks that we carry on-line or in store visit our on-line shop or pop in and see us when your in the Telford Shopping Centre.

In store Victoria James price £39.99

For more vintage style clocks visit Victoria James Home Accessories

Interesting Facts About Clocks

1. Mechanical clocks were invented in Medieval times and used in monasteries throughout Europe to signal daily prayer times to the people.

2. The pendulum clock was invented in 1656 by Christian Huygens

3. In 1797 a tax against clocks of five schillings, introduced in Great Britain by Prime Minister William Pitt you were considered wealthy if you owned one. This tax proved to be so unpopular that it was repealed after 9 months.

4. The first alarm clock that would only chime at 4am is said to have been invented almost 100 years before one that could chime at anytime invented by Seth Thomas in 1876.

5. The timepiece standing in Manhattan’s Grand Central Station was also designed by Seth Thomas.

6. The first mechanical clock was constructed in France in 1360 and eight years later clock makers in Great Britain started producing for commercial use.

7. In 1386 the first public clock was located in Salisbury Cathedral, it had no hands and only indicated the time by chiming on the hour.

8. The Grandfather clock was invented in the 1656 by a Dutch clock maker Christiaan Huygens.

9. Big Ben was design by Charles Barry and became operational in on the 7th September 1859 and is the biggest four faced chiming clock in the world.

10. Until 1969, clocks in Britain went back one hour every Sunday at 2am.